Terlingua Gallery’s new space is now open –   located on highway 118 at Bee Mountain,  just a mile north of the junctions of Hwy 118 and Farm Rd. 170,  in Terlingua Texas.

Terlingua Gallery first opened by painter Bonnie Wunderlich  in 2000 and was located at the “Y” junction of 118 & 170 for 3 years.  The building has long been torn down,  but the sotol ramada still stands.

The property and gallery,  now 1 mile up the hill on 118 is owned by artist Bonnie Wunderlich,   who has been building the gallery of adobe walls and earthen floor during the years since the first gallery was closed when she wasn’t painting.     Beautiful views of the Chisos Mountains and other nearby mountains make the space enjoyable by all.   

The new gallery space houses  large and small paintings inspired by the Big Bend’s amazing atmosphere with  spacious and rocky landscapes.     Wildlife and people in their environments are also a subject that appears in works by artist.    

The attempt to emulate old Big Bend architecture was always present during the building choices.     

 History of gallery:     Below is the picture of the first gallery (2000 – 2003).

The foreground courtyard wall was made of tires.    

Before and after the gallery was disassembled.

Notice the sotol ramada which still stands today.


In the new gallery,   the views and space are exciting and Bonnie may be found painting the views of the Chisos from the picture window in the gallery.   

Bee Mountain is another spectacular view  (located to the right of this photo) and is just uphill from Terlingua Post office and the town’s many other businesses that provides food and lodging,  activities and  entertainment for those who are visiting or staying in the Terlingua area of Big Bend Texas..


Paintings by Bonnie Wunderlich, Big Bend Artist